Trenchless Rehabilitation

Trenchless rehabilitation is the repair, renewal, or replacement of existing underground services, facilities and structures with minimal or no excavation. It’s accomplished using techniques such as sliplining, pipe bursting and mechanical spot repair. Materials such as thermoformed pipe, shotcrete, gunite, cured-in-place pipe and grout in place pipe are utilized. Trenchless rehabilitation is a cost effective approach to the repair or replacement of underground pipes.

The key aspect of trenchless rehabilitation is that there is little or no disturbance of the ground surface, or surface activities, during the rehabilitative process. Trenchless processes and associated methods can range from the wholesale replacement of sewer or water piping to manhole rehabilitation. As trenchless technology continues to evolve and new resources and techniques are developed, the need for new trenchless rehabilitation methods will continue to grow. Trenchless rehabilitation offers environmentally friendly and economically sound methods.