Pollution Containment & Cleanup

With the deployment of these innovative water pollution containment solutions, we offer the complete project process from site meeting, conceptual design, right through to full installation and maintenance services. This ensures clients’ meet all requirements and obligations outlined under the European Liability Directive and ISO14001 compliance, proactively preventing the potential of a pollutant escaping from your premises.

We understand that environmental pollution shouldn’t occur but in the unlikely event of an incident the costs can go beyond a clean-up operation as today’s media can spread news faster than implementation a disaster recovery plan. We have taken the traditional stance that ‘all contamination should be prevented from going down the drains’ and challenged convention with our innovation expertise, to design tailored solutions that use site drainage infrastructure as a natural bund. Our team have been involved in designing equipment in conjunction with the Environment Agency to deal with the containment of major spills and fire water.

Through our extensive range of services, we combine the latest communication and technology to ensure action is taken instantly and will produce a turnkey engineering solution to prevent, contain, manage and support potential risks.